First Live Q & A with mentor Anthony Wong AN01 Anim Basics

Hey so today was my first class experience and i must say that it was simply awesome. I was literally counting the days for class and i have to say i wasn’t disappointed (like that would ever happen). The lecture was great, the examples were awesome, and this is the first time i can say that i was able to watch a movie in a ‘class room”.

Though we broke down the movie and analyzed the shot and i learned a great deal, just by looking at that one shot of the movie, oh and the movie we analyzed was Ratatouille. We broke down the shot to its bare bones from story boards and applying them into the animation itself. Our mentor gave us some excellent advice which i generally jotted down and saved for later use. What can i say Anthony is a great guy with lots of energy and at the same time an awesome instructor.

Anthony, showed us some of his work that he did. A few examples were shots from Cars, Toy Story 3, etc to name a few. Got to meet a whole bunch of new people over there, and it was simply awesome, i learned a ton if not more from this one lecture and the experience of my first was simply brilliant, its like you “had to be there”. So that’s it for this blog post. I shall keep updating this blog as i progress through the class, oh did i forget to mention that the lecture went over time, probably one of the first times i can say that i enjoyed the extra minutes.

Oh and we will be getting a substitute next week since Anthony is going to Paris, but he will be back the week after. Though, I wonder who it’s going to be.. ??? I’m sure that whoever it is will be awesome

Until next time 🙂


Animation Mentor: The Unexpected Journey of a LifeTime


Hi, my name is Varun Sethna. I am a 20 year old graduate from SAE institute with a bachelor’s degree in animation with honors. After finishing SAE i tried to study character animation on my own, i taught my self Maya and got used to the program very,very quickly though it helped that i had 2 years of experience with Autodesk 3DS Max, after learning Maya i went straight in to a complex and advanced type of animation that is body mechanics, i started blocking in a shot which was a ballet sequence and even in blocking it was looking horrible.

I wasted almost 2 months on this shot before realizing that i hadn’t done the most simplest of exercises in animation that is a ball bounce. The ball bounce is the most basic of all exercises to accomplish in fact if you can’t bounce a ball you can’t really animate simply put you’ll be building off of a wrong foundation.

So i tried the ball bounce it was horrible the first time around i posted my try on 11secondclub and the feedback was super awesome. I tired it for a second time this time it was better than the first, after many unsuccessful events of a ball bounce i finally managed to get it right, it was right then and there that i knew i was headed down the right path.

Time passed and AnimationMentor had its online campus tour i was eager to go i stayed up till around 2 in the morning to watch the tour, the very next day i was convinced that AnimationMentor was the place to be if i wanted to learn how to properly animate. I convinced my folks that took a while and finally agreed to put me through school.

On a Friday morning i filled out my application almost spent around 3 hours with a bunch of re-writes i wanted to get this right the first time around, i then finally sent in my application after reviewing it myself.

A few days went by as i waited for the Wonderlic Test to be sent to me via email, i completed the test and then waited for almost 3 weeks before getting my acceptance letter, i was literally dancing around being accepted into AM. It was quite a wait i was actually getting a bit nervous that i wasn’t going to get in at all. After getting accepted and setting up my profile, I was all set to go for registration. I registered on Feb 15th and got in my first class and still waiting for that to start. So here is where i am right now. Getting ready for classes this following week and looking to learn a lot. 😉

So that’s it, that’s pretty much my story of where i was to where i am currently, this blog will be used not only to document my journey but to give a few tips and tricks that i pick up along the way to help my fellow class mates.